Advisory board of the project has been established with the following tasks:

  • within a Selection Committee to select the best candidate for the position of ERA Chair holder in Quantum Optics and Photonics;
  • to feedback the progress of the project;
  • to provide advice for proper implementation of the project.

Advisory board members

Prof. Sune Svanberg
Lund University, Sweden
Foreign expert in quantum optics and photonics, leader of the Advisory board of the project
Regular Member, Nobel Committee for Physics 1998 – 2006
Chairman, Nobel Committee for Physics 2004, 2005


Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi
University of Trento, Italy
Foreign expert in quantum optics and photonics
NanoLab web page

Prof. Valdis Segliņš
University of Latvia
Vice rector for Natural Sciences, Technology and Medicine

Prof. Andris Ambainis
University of Latvia
Local research leader
Quantum Computing research group web page

Prof. Andrejs Siliņš
Latvian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia
Assoc. prof. Donāts Erts
Director of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the University of Latvia, local research leader
Dr. Vladimirs Gostilo
CEO of "Baltic Scientific Instruments", Ltd., local industry leader
Daumants Pfafrods
CEO of "Light Guide Optics International", Ltd., local industry leader

Alvar Kurrel
Project leader of Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, coordinator of Horizon 2020 ERA Chair project COEL and manager of 5GSOLAR