The ERA Chairs action supports universities or research organizations with the objective of attracting and maintaining high-quality human resources under the direction of an outstanding researcher and research manager (the "ERA Chair holder") and in parallel implementing structural changes to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.

During the project two strategies will be developed:

  • Human Resources Strategy for Researchers;
  • Strategy for the Development of Quantum Optics and Photonics at the University of Latvia.

Current Strategies and related Policies of University of Latvia:

Structural changes initiated and conducted through the project will comply with developed strategies.

Structural changes of the University of Latvia include the introduction of new research topics (like nonlinear optics led by ERA Chair holder Rashid Ganeev), the formation of new research networks with academia (to participate, for example, in Quantum Flagship calls) and industry, capacity growth for preparing publications in high IF journals and qualitative project proposals.


Page updated: 30.12.2022.