ERA Chair holder Rashid Ganeev is leading the development of Quantum Optics and Photonics in various directions covered by the ERA Chair's research team.

Rashid Ganeev, Vyacheslav Kim and Naresh Kumar Andra are focusing on the development of the following research topics:

  • Resonance-induced processes of single high-order harmonic enhancement in different metal plasmas;
  • Time-resolved plasma characterization: spectral, morphological and harmonic issues;
  • Carbon nanoparticles contained plasmas: efficient medium for harmonics generation;
  • Studies of the nonlinear refraction and nonlinear absorption in nanoparticles suspensions;
  • Analysis of the quantum confinement induced effects of enhancement of the nonlinear optical parameters of quantum dots;
  • Low-order harmonic generation in quantum dots and nanoparticles;
  • Theoretical studies of high-order harmonics generation in different media;
  • Studies on the high-order harmonic generation in different laser-induced plasmas.
  • Formation of vortex laser arrays in different geometrical configurations

Senior researcher Jānis Alnis is focusing on the development of the following research topics:

  • Development of whispering gallery mode resonator sensors;
  • Development of microresonator frequency combs and their applications.

 Senior researcher Uldis Bērziņš is focusing on the development of research topics:

  • Oscillators’ strengths of atomic lines of astrophysical interest;
  • Development of tellurium cells for high precision spectroscopy;
  • Development of a prototype of an ion implantation technology.

Senior researcher Javed Iqbal is focusing on the development of the following research topics:

  • Laser Produced plasma (LIBS or LIPS);
  • Pulse Laser Deposition;
  • Rydberg Atom Dynamics;
  • Molecular auto ionization;
  • High-Resolution spectroscopy of excited state of Atom;
  • Magneto-Optical Trapping;
  • Radiation and Medical Physics.


Page updated: 30.12.2022.